Who is behind Functional Assessments WA?

Functional Assessments WA is a small, family owned and operated business led by our Principle Therapist, Nicole Blackburn.

Who is Nicole?

We are experienced registered therapists

Nicole has worked as a physiotherapist, within the disability sector, for nearly 30 years, alongside many multi-disciplinary team members, such as, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists.  This means Nicole, with Functional Assessments WA, understands the complexities of living with disability and speaks the NDIS language.

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We understand the NDIS

Nicole has extensive experience, both professionally and personally, working within the NDIS and supporting people to navigate the system.

  • Previous WA NDIS Allied Health Consultant for Department of Communities, Disability Services and Clinical Services Manager for a NDIS therapy provider, leading a team of 45 therapists and supporting over 400 participants and their families.

  • Clinician for over 25 years in metropolitan and regional areas.

  • Assistive Technology assessment and prescription.

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We are just like YOU

Personally, Nicole has an immediate family member who is a NDIS participant and therefore fully understands the challenges and frustrations navigating this system can cause.

Nicole is known to go above and beyond what is expected of a provider and takes a personal interest in developing a trusting and supportive relationship with all she interacts with.  Nicole lives and breathes our core values of listening, respect and integrity.

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What do we stand for?

We know and understand the challenges many NDIS participants and their families, carers or nominees face on a daily basis, whether this is related to the NDIS or just life in general.  We want to make our little contribution as positive and encouraging as possible and hope to empower you to ensure you receive the supports you deserve.

Here are our Mission Statement and Values which demonstrates the type of organisation we strive to be every day:

Our Mission Statement

“We listen with respect and integrity to help you identify your unmet needs.”

Our Mission Statement

“We listen with respect and integrity to help you identify your unmet needs.”

Our Values


Taking notice of and acting on what someone says, being alert and ready to hear someone’s point of view.

We will take a genuine interest in your story and listen to what is important to you. We will make sure we have a clear understanding of your goals and aspirations and where you are now in terms of achieving those goals. We will ask what is working well for you, what is not and what is getting in the way of your success. Most importantly, we will ask you how you will know when you have got to where you aim to be.


Treating a person in a positive
manner, with regards for their feelings, wishes and rights.

We will always treat you and those around you with the upmost courtesy and respect, using open and honest communication. Your feelings, wishes and rights will be at the forefront of every interaction and we will work alongside you to identify your goals and support needs.


Sticking to moral and ethical
principles, acting honestly, doing what you say you will do.

We will stick to our promises and commitments and always work alongside you and your team, in a professional manner, to the best of our ability. We will act with honesty and can be relied upon to guide you in the right direction, as needed. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we will tell you and endeavour to find the answer on your behalf.

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Nicole Blackburn

Principal Therapist / Senior Physiotherapist
  • 0407 215 372